School Hours

Students are expected to be punctual in arriving at school. Student attendance and punctuality is monitored daily, and all recess and lunch breaks are supervised by teachers.

If students are late to school or leave early parents must sign in or out at the school office.

We're grateful for your co-operation in ensuring that students come to school by 8.55am, and that students arriving at school before 8.45am are enrolled in out-of-hours care.

All students are required to go straight home after school. To ensure your child's safety, if your child is still in the playground at 3.45pm, we will telephone you or your emergency contact to make pick up arrangements.



Out-of-hours care starts


School supervision begins 


School starts

10.40am - 11.10am  

Morning recess

12.50 pm - 1.00pm   

Children eat lunch

1.00 pm - 1.50pm

Lunch recess


Children dismissed


School supervision ends


Out-of-hours care finishes