Home Reading

Daily home reading is strongly recommended to enable students from Prep to year 6, to practice the skills taught at school. We support students to take levelled books home appropriate for the ability level. These books should be able to be read relatively easily as home reading practice needs to focus on developing fluency not simply decoding words. If your child is struggling to read fluently, we recommend you check with their class teacher to ensure the book is at the right level. Conversely, if your child is reading their book easily and with fluency, you should also check that the book they have is at the correct level. Under teacher guidance, students who are reading with fluently and comprehension can select books from the library as their home reading material rather than levelled books from classroom.  We welcome parent and carer helper to assist with the home reading program at school.

Reading at home with decodable fiction texts


Reading at home with decodable non-fiction texts