Westgarth supplements our classroom Health and Physical Education curriculum with a sporting calendar incorporating a huge number of events. Our sporting program offers students both the chance to achieve sporting success, and the opportunity to develop concepts of fairness and sportsmanship.


Students in Year 4-6 participate in both track and field events at our annual House Athletics Carnival during term 3 of each year, with successful participants continuing on to inter-school athletics competition. Similarly, Year 3-5 students can elect to participate in swimming trials to compete in an inter-school swimming carnival the following year.


Our students also participate in inter-school cross-country during term 2 of each year, an inter-school Basketball tournament, and an inter-school Triathlon at the Northcote Swimming Pool.


Additionally, Year 5-6 students also compete in a district inter-school sports program, comprised of both Summer and Winter sports.


Sport Diary Dates


Dates, times and venues for:

  • Swimming (District, Division, Region and State)
  • Swim trials (Years 3 – 5 optional)
  • Cross country (Trials, District, Division, Region and State)
  • Athletics (Year 3, Years 4 – 6, District, Division, Region and State)
  • T20 Cricket (Year 6 optional)
  • Basketball (Year 6 optional)
  • Soccer (Year 6 girls)
  • Triathlon (Year 4 – 6 optional)