Year 7 transition

Research tells us that a successful transition to secondary school is a key factor in determining whether young people remain engaged in education, complete secondary school and transition into positive career pathways. This period of transition spans Year 4/5 through to Year 9 so it is vital that primary and secondary schools work collaboratively with parents/carers and each other to support transition.


This is an exciting time but for a large number of families, it can also be incredibly daunting. This guide is intended to provide some basic information for families to help them navigate this journey.


We encourage you to use the Guides as a conversation tool with your family, helping you to step through selecting an appropriate school, applying and enrolling, as well as how you may continue to support your child’s learning in this new setting.


 The Westgarth Primary school news will keep you up to date about scheduled open days.


 The Year 6 team will keep you informed about transition issues.


 Secondary transition information is sent home between the end of March and mid April.



More information can be found relating to preparing for Secondary School here.