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The Westgarth Primary School gumleaf has existed in many forms over the years. It no longer felt as relevant for a number of reasons. For one, it was necessary to remove several large gum trees from the school for safety reasons so the gum leaf did not feel as reflective of our space. Secondly, it was felt that the gum leaf did not adequately capture the nature of the Westgarth Primary School community.


Why the rainbow lorikeet?

We asked the students what symbol they thought captured the spirit of Westgarth Primary School. The rainbow lorikeet got the vote.


Both rainbow lorikeet sexes prepare the nest cavity and feed the young. This seemed a nice representation of the equality that the school strives to foster. In addition, the rainbow aspect of the bird’s colouring is a way of communicating the inclusive nature of the school.


The dynamic lorikeet is taking flight, which is what we want for every Westgarth Primary School student.