Our pledge

We come together to make this pledge on the sacred land of the Wurundjeri people,

and to build an ongoing commitment to Reconciliation.

It is our responsibility to work together and treat everyone with respect.

We celebrate diversity. Everyone belongs.

We try our best with everything we do.

We will always aim to be safe, fair and friendly.

We will live these words at school, in the community and throughout our lives.

About the pledge

The Student pledge:

  • Reflects the school’s values of Working together, Respect, Integrity, Excellence and Responsibility – and the school motto: Be safe, fair and friendly
  • Makes a commitment to Reconciliation and recognises the Wurundjeri people’s land on which Westgarth Primary School is built
  • Celebrates diversity and belonging including cultural diversity and LGBTQIA+ students, staff, parents and carers
  • Contains inclusive language (e.g., not ‘stand together’ but ‘come together’ in recognition that not all students can stand)
  • Uses student-friendly language.

The Process
In term 3 of 2018, the pledge had the input of students, staff, parents and carers.


The School Captains reflected:

This term, the School Captains have been working on a Westgarth Student Pledge. While making this we have learnt to collaborate and develop our team working skills, as well as having learnt to take our time to make the best student pledge possible. We let everyone in the school have their say and considered the feedback to make the pledge flow and easy to understand. We gained knowledge on Reconciliation, diversity and how to make sure everyone is included in the Westgarth Student Pledge. It was an overall great learning experience and taught us more about being good leaders.