Physical Education

From basic ball skills to state-level athletics and swimming competitions, Westgarth Primary School teaches children the benefits of fitness and the rewards of sporting achievement.Our program includes athletics, gymnastics, ball skills, general fitness, major and minor games, dance and movement exploration. They are conducted in an environment that benefits from spacious surrounds, excellent outdoor surfaces and a modern, generously equipped gymnasium on the Clarke Street site.

Westgarth Primary offers a comprehensive physical education program to all grade levels within the school. The program aims at developing interest in, and gaining pleasure from, sporting and outdoor pursuits through the development of skills, knowledge and confidence in a wide range of activities.Children can borrow sporting equipment for use at recesses, and are encouraged to bring named bats, balls etc.

Sport diary dates, times and locations (including swimming, cross country and triathlon) are published on this website.

Physical education program in detail
All levels of classes have one 50 minute session of Physical Education a week.


In Prep, Year One and Year Two, children concentrate on developing skills in such areas as ball-handling and gross motor control, along with participation in minor games, starting to learn the rules for major games, such as cricket and rounders, and the use of Gym equipment.

In Year Three and Year Four these skills are developed further, and at Year Five and Year Six level children apply them in weekly inter-school sports competition as well as in class. Students in Years Three to Six have the opportunity to try out for school teams in different sports and possibility of making State teams.


Sports houses

All children in Year Three-Six are placed in a House team, and during the year will participate in activities where House points are awarded. House names and colours are:

  • Gerrard - green
  • Rucker - red
  • Walker - blue
  • Urquhart - yellow

Inter-school sports

Westgarth Primary is a member of the Northcote and District Primary Schools Sports Association. Our students compete in regular inter-school competition in cross country running, athletics, basketball swimming sports, cricket, softball, bat tennis, rounders, football, soccer, netball and Newcombe.

Kelly Sports
Younger children from Prep to Year Four can also take advantage of the privately-run Kelly Sports program conducted at the school after hours usually in Terms 1 and 4. Kelly Sports introduces children to gymnastics, general ball skills and sports including cricket, soccer and basketball.

Kelly Sports is a partner with the Australian Sports Commission in delivering fitness and sporting education to children.

Helping your child

Parents can help younger children (Prep, Year One and Year Two) at home with ball throwing and catching. This pays great dividends in improved game skills and enjoyment of sport.

Runners should be worn on P.E. days, which can be found on timetables published by classroom teachers.