Student voice and Leadership

School Captain Opportunities

Each year, Year 6 students are asked to nominate for roles of School Captain. Election to these esteemed roles is conducted by a poll of their peers following nomination speeches and an election campaign. Year 6 students can also develop their leadership skills by nominating for Captaincy of our four school Houses (Rucker, Urquhart, Gerrard and Walker).


WPS also offers Year 6 students leadership roles as Library, Arts and Environment Captains.


Junior School Council

The Junior School Council (JSC) is a valued leadership opportunity for students at Westgarth Primary School. Two students in each Year 3-6 class are elected by their classmates at the beginning of each year. Junior School Council members assist the Principal, staff and School community on matters of school improvement.


Junior School Council Representatives are positive role models for other students in the school, provide a voice for the students in Prep-Year 6 regarding matters that affect them, regularly report back to the students in classes, attend meetings and implement initiatives which raise student awareness of programs which make a positive difference to the lives of others. JSC supports a number of local and global citizenship projects.


Junior School Council aims to:

  • Develop skills in leadership and negotiation
  • Provide the opportunity for students to participate in decision-making which directly affects them
  • Provide experience and understanding of the functioning of the school
  • Give the students practical experience in administration, meeting procedures and following through with decisions
  • Provide an avenue for the students to voice their opinions and ideas in a formal, structured way
  • Involve students in fundraising and Social Service
  • Develop citizenship and a sense of student responsibility.