School Council

The Westgarth Primary School Council is a group of ten parents, five Department of Education employees (including the principal) and two co-opted members.


The Council:

  • Develops the school's strategic plan and annual implementation plan.
  • Determines the school's general educational policy.
  • Approves and monitors the school's budget.
  • Supervises the management and maintenance of buildings and grounds.
  • Establishes our structure for consulting parents on decisions.
  • Reports annually to the Minister of Education and the school community through the Annual Report. Generally stimulates interest in the school.
  • Supervises the management of the OSHC program.

The Council usually meets on the third Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm in the school staff room. Parents are welcome to attend school council meetings. If you would like to attend, please contact the office so that we can arrange for a school representative to welcome you to the meeting.


School Councillors



Jacob Spencer President  
Darren Boyd Vice President  
Jason van Grieken Treasurer  
Batya Atlas    
Kellie Byrne    
Mark Dinning    
Amber Donnelly    
Rachel Semmens    
Lyndall Shelly    
Melanie Wheeler    

Jo Wheeler Principal - Executive Office  
Carolyn Shiels Assistant Principal and Secretary  
Ben Jones Learning Specialist  
Jenny Li Teacher  
Estelle Major Teacher  

Co-opted Community Members
Lyndall Shelly Fun and Fundraising


To be confirmed OSHC  


Sub-committee Conveners

Education Committee Ben Jones (Co-convenor)  
Environment Committee Mark Dinning  
Finance Committee  Jason van Grieken  
OSHC Committee Darren Boyd