School Council Policies

Formal rules, approved by School Council, that set out how the school handles key issues. Each year, the School Council reviewed a number of policies relating to such issues as camps and excursions, health care needs and volunteers. Copies of these policies are available at the School Office or by downloading them here. Other policies are under review, and the policies listed below may be reviewed from time to time. Please contact the school for further information and check this Web page regularly for updates.


Administration of MedicationMedication Authority Form & Medication Administration Log

Anaphylaxis & Anaphylaxis Communication Plan

Asthma & Asthma Communication Plan


Bullying Prevention

Camps & Excursions

Child Safety

Child Safe Code of Conduct

Child Safety Responding and Reporting Obligations



Curriculum Framework

Digital Technologies

EnrolmentEnrolment process

eSmart and Cyber safety

Extension and Enrichment

First Aid

Health Care Needs


Inclusion and Diversity


Mobile Phones - Student Use

Parent Payments

Photographing, Filming and Recording Students

Respect for School Staff

Sexuality and Consent Education

Statement of Values and School Philosophy





Health & Safety
Incident Injury Trauma and Illness
Nutrition, Food and Beverages & Dietary Health Requirements Policy
Emergency and Evacuation Policy
Excursions Policy