STEM and Coding

As well as being eSmart, there are a number of other great initiatives at Westgarth centred on Digital Technologies.  This includes our STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) Club, which is an opportunity for students to work collaboratively to solve challenging problems, often utilising digital technologies.  The club is part of our Reaching for the Stars program, which is aimed at enriching and extending the learning of our students in specific areas beyond the classroom.


This year students have explored using Makey Makey as a means of being creative, inventive and imaginative.  Students used a USB cable and alligator clips to connect the Makey Makey board with everyday objects that could conduct electricity.  These objects included play dough, bananas and even gummi bears!  We found that when you touched the object, the connection makes the computer think that the object is actually the keyboard.  It is quite simple but bewildering technology.



In the picture above, students created a Nintendo style controller using paper, conductive tape and alligator clips.  The computer thought that we were simply touching the arrow keys and space bar to play games but little did it know it was actually the greatest controller in the world, made of paper!