Enrolment / Tours


Prospective parents are requested to contact the school on 9481 5577, where an Expression of Interest will be completed by the office staff. This will be used to establish residency and/or a sibling claim.


Westgarth Primary School (WPS) uses a department approved app called Street Directory (www.street-directory.com.au) to identify if WPS is the closest school to the child’s permanent place of residence. This information is used to complete the Expression of Interest form by the school.


A register of all ‘Expressions of Interest’ enquiries will be maintained.


Proof of residency will be required in line with the policy. Please refer to list A and B requirements. Two pieces of evidence, one from each of list A and list B, must be sighted in original form as proof of residency.

List A

      • Certificate of Occupancy, Rates Notice, or Building Permit.
      • A minimum 12 month residential lease.

List B

        • Utility bill – gas, water, electricity, phone – must be less than eight weeks old;
        • Drivers licence; or Centrelink Concession Card.


Further documents will be required for proof of age and Immunisation.

  •  Birth Certificate (indicating that the child has turned 5 years of age by the 30 April of the year they intend to enrol)
  •  Immunisation Certificate from Medicare 


No enrolment will be processed until all documentation is received.


WPS will encourage enrolment of prep students of all local and current families in Terms one and two.

Families where WPS is their closest school or who have a sibling claim will receive an enrolment confirmation within three weeks of the school receiving their application. Activation of this enrolment can only be established if the age, closest school, residence, or sibling claims have been confirmed.


Expression of Interest applications lodged where WPS is NOT the closest school will be filed for future consideration and referred to the policy document.


Due to the enrolment ceiling there is no guarantee that the Expressions of Interest where WPS is not the closest school will be considered.


Year 1-6 Student Enrolment:


The Principal or Principal’s delegate will contact the previous school of all students seeking to transfer from another school. In accordance with the privacy guidelines WPS will ascertain the circumstances of the transfer, seek a transfer note and where applicable an Immunisation Certificate, and discuss any academic, social, special needs or behavioural matters. The Principal has the authority to defer admission in order to seek information from the previous school in the interest of both the student and the school community.


All children enrolling at WPS will be involved in a transition program according to their age and year level. The purpose of the transition program is for students to start at WPS with minimum disruption and maximum support.


The Principal or delegate establishes which class the student will be allocated based on number of vacancies, student needs, gender balance, academic and social and emotional needs.


This document is to be read in conjunction with the school's Enrolment policy.

School Tours:


School tours will be conducted on rotating identified days from April onwards, for families where WPS is their closest school, and proof of residency has been established. Tours are by appointment only on 9481 5577.


The Principal, Assistant Principals and Leading Teachers will conduct tours with the assistance of administration staff.


Individual tours will be conducted only on a needs basis.


Individual meetings will be arranged with parents wishing to enrol children with special needs and / or medical conditions where WPS is their closest school after a tour has been completed.


Group tours for families to which WPS is not their closest school and local and wider community members will be conducted on the annual Open Morning which falls during Education Week.