After-school Care

Our after school care service runs each afternoon from 3.30pm when school finishes to 5.50pm.
Preps are collected from their classrooms by OSHC staff at 3.25pm prior to the school bell going, and taken to The Farmhouse with staff, where a light snack is then provided. 
After eating, children are free to play or can participate in any of our structured activities for the afternoon.
A second snack is served after 5.30pm for any remaining children.

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Before-school Care

Our morning service runs from 7.30am to 8.45am, when students are then escorted to Brooke Street by staff and left in the care of a yard duty teacher.
Breakfast is served from 7.30am to 8.30am offering a variety of cereals, toast and toppings, and fresh fruit. Low fat milk and water is always available.
As in the afternoon, a range of activities are on offer; however, given the time of day, and different arrival times of the children, there is more of an emphasis on quiet reflective activities and games.

The program keeps the school community informed of activities through the school newsletter, our website, and displays at The Farmhouse.

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Register and enrol using the My Family Lounge Parent Portal, which is accessible via our website. Enrolment details include contact details, emergency contacts, and medical information, which is necessary for the welfare of your child and a legal requirement for the program.

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Permanent bookings

Permanent bookings will ensure there is a regular place available each week and will incur a normal session fee if the child does not attend and the session is not cancelled within our cancellation timeframes.

Parents can manage their permanent bookings and request changes to booked days, using the My Family Lounge Parent Portal, or My Family Lounge smartphone app, which is available to enrolled families.

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Casual Bookings

There are a limited number of casual bookings available depending on the number of children booked in permanently. Casual bookings to be made and/or cancelled using the My Family Lounge smartphone app referred to above. Please note: casual bookings are always subject to availability and you cannot be guaranteed a place.

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Further information (including copies of our Family Handbook and Parents’ Guide To My Family Lounge) can be found on our website at http://westgarthpsoshc.wordpress.com.