The Westgarth OSHC Program commenced in 1988 by the School Council to provide safe, enjoyable childcare. The program is a not-for-profit Commonwealth approved program which operates in accordance with The Education & Care Services National Regulations 2011. The National Childcare Accreditation Council determined in 2016 that the service is accredited and met National Quality Standards in most areas.


WPS OSHC will aim to provide an atmosphere that is fun, friendly and safe. We will provide a calm, relaxed and flexible environment that includes a quiet area which is comfortable and a range of high quality equipment that is accessible to all children.
  • An approved learning framework informs the development of a curriculum that enhances each child’s learning and development. Educators and co-ordinators are focused, active and reflective in designing and delivering the program for each child.
  • Each child’s health needs are supported; healthy eating and physical activity are embedded in the program for children; each child is protected.
  • The design and location of the premises is appropriate for the operation of a service; the environment is inclusive, promotes competence, independent exploration and learning through play. The service takes an active role in caring for its environment and contributes to a sustainable future.
  • Staffing arrangements enhance children’s learning and development and ensure their safety and wellbeing. Educators, co-ordinators and staff members are respectful and ethical.
  • Respectful and equitable relationships are developed and maintained with each child. Each child is supported to build and maintain sensitive and responsive relationships with other children and adults.
  • Respectful and supportive relationships with families are developed and maintained; families are supported in their parenting role and their values and beliefs about childrearing are respected. The service collaborates with other organisations and service providers to enhance children’s learning and wellbeing.

OSHC Office Hours: 7.30 - 9.00am and 3.30 - 5.50pm

Ph: 9482 3323
PO Box 59, Northcote 3070
Email: oshc.westgarth.ps@education.vic.gov.au


The program is provided and managed by the School Council with recommendations from a subcommittee. The subcommittee operates under the auspices of the School Council and is accountable to the School Council.
The OSHC subcommittee consists of the program coordinator, School Council representatives and interested parents/carers whose children attend the program. The subcommittee usually meets monthly to discuss issues related to the overall management of the program including development of policies, quality assurance, staffing, maintenance and financial management. Recommendations are then taken to School Council. All parents/carers are welcome to attend sub-committee meetings and notification of OSHC sub committee meetings are advertised in the school newsletter.


  • The Westgarth OSHC program employs staff from a wide range of backgrounds.
  • All staff have experience and/or qualifications in working with children aged 5-12 years.
  • Staff /child ratio are as follows:
    1 staff member for every 15 children or part thereof
    1 qualified staff member for every 30 children or part thereof
  • All staff hold, or are enrolled in and studying for, at least a Certificate III in Childcare Services or equivalent.
  • 50% of staff hold, or are enrolled in and studying for, at least an approved Diploma level qualification.


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