OSHC - Absences

Absences and cancellations.

If your child is not going to attend any given session (but you would like to retain any other bookings), please mark your child as ‘absent’ using the My Family Lounge smartphone app.

Occasional absence notifications for both casual and permanent positions should be made by families using My Family Lounge.
Absence notifications must be received two full business days prior to the booking to avoid charge unless a medical certificate is produced within 14 days. In practice this means a Wednesday booking must be marked absent by Monday.


Complete cancellation of permanent bookings should be via email and include the final date your child will attend. This will allow the booking to be closed off by the OSHC coordinator and this will be confirmed by email.


All cancellations of Curriculum Day bookings must take place five business days (or more) before the date of the session to allow sufficient time for changes to be made to staffing and resource allocation. Bookings made and not attended or non-cancelled remain chargeable in full.



Absences which require Administrative intervention (those notified via email or verbally) remain chargeable.

In all cases, please ensure that we have been notified by 3.25pm to avoid unecessary distress and inconvenience which may result from "missing" children.

 Please note if your child is collected from the school sick bay during the day, please mark your child as absent to avoid charge.