OSHC Rebooking Week

The second last week of each term is designated "Rebooking Week" and is an opportunity for families to settle their account for the entire term. Statements sent out at the beginning of Rebooking Week include all attendances to the end of the term and, as such, include bookings up to two weeks in advance*.

Accounts not settled by the end of Rebooking Week (the beginning of the final week of term) have any permanent bookings closed off and parents are required to re-request their bookings for the following term/year. Requests for bookings will not be responded to with an Offer until such time as the account is settled.

Families who settle their account during Rebooking Week need take no further action and their booking(s) will roll over into the following term/year.

*Please note: charges are estimates based on bookings and benefits paid at the time of the statement being generated. Changes to bookings or benefits may affect the final due amount and should be taken into consideration when settling your account.