OSHC Administrative Charges

Walk Up Charge.
An administrative charge of $25.00 applies to any attendances made without a prior booking. This charge is in addition to our casual booking fee for the session and does not attract Child Care Subsidy. Please see our Bookings page if you are unsure how to make a booking. If you are unsure if you have a booking, please check using the My Family Lounge smartphone app before asking your child to come to the service. *please note: children on the school premises, not in the company of a responsible adult, before 8.30am and after 3.45pm may be taken into the service in accordance with school policy on duty of care.

Late Pick Up Fee (LPU).
Our systems automatically apply a non-subsidised late fee of $2.50 per minute per child for collections after 6.00pm. On occasions where a child has not been signed out, those children are signed out by a Supervisor only once checks have been made and the last child has gone home for the day. These sign-outs will attract a LPU which is identified on your statement as an Administrative charge. This charge may vary dependent on the time at which the last child goes home.
Details of these charges were provided to all families by email on September 19th 2019.