OSHC Before School Care


Given the early start of the program and the different arrival times of children, there is an emphasis on providing a comfortable and quiet atmosphere with optional breakfast and various activities.

Breakfast is served between 7.30am and 8.30am

Preps - Grade 2

Shortly after 8.30am, students in grades prep to two are headcounted and escorted to the Brooke Street Campus; they are also counted before leaving Clarke Street and on arrival inside the gate at Broooke Street. At 8.45am they are dismissed within the Brooke Street campus, at which time a teacher is on yard duty, and staff return to OSHC.

Grades 3-6
Are dismissed into the Clarke Street Campus at 8:45pm

At all times a Supervisor remains in the area of the OSHC office until 9am.

Before Care 7.30am to 8.45am

Permanent booking $10.50

Casual $12.50

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