OSHC Bookings



In all cases, a booking MUST be made before a child attends the service.
Please ensure you enrol your children prior to requesting a booking.


Absences and Casual Bookings

There are a limited number of casual bookings available depending on the number of children booked in permanently. Please note: casual bookings are always subject to availability and you cannot be guaranteed a place.

If you require a one-off casual booking or would like to notify us of an absence, you should use the My Family Lounge (sign-in link above) to make a casual booking or mark your child/ren as absent.

If we are full, please let us know and set your app to notify you if a place comes up later. Ratios are strict, we will try to find extra staff, but CANNOT guarantee you will get a place at short notice.


Permanent Bookings

Permanent bookings repeat on a weekly or fortnightly basis. These bookings are charged at a lower base rate than casual bookings.


Requests for, and longer term changes to, permanent bookings should be made via the My Family Lounge (sign-in link above), allowing two full working days for administration. Please make casual bookings, if required, to cover the period prior to your permanent booking being active.


You may also use My Family Lounge to confirm your current casual or permanent bookings.


In all cases, a booking MUST be made before a child attends the service. Any permanent changes to a child’s attendance patterns will need to be captured via a written (or digital) exchange with families and form part of a Complying Written Arrangement (CWA). Please note: bookings also form part of the CWA between yourselves and our service and must be recorded. As such, we cannot accept telephone or verbal booking requests. Attendances at the service without a booking will be subject to an administrative charge.


Our Parents’ Guide to My Family Lounge is a useful guide to enrolment and bookings in PDF format. It covers many of the questions you might have about bookings and is recommended reading.


If you have difficulty using the My Family Lounge app or the website please contact the OSHC coordinator with any issues or concerns and support will be provided to resolve these.


Cancellations and Absence Timeframes

Full details of out cancellation and absence notification timeframes can be found here.


Please see our Before Care, After Care, and Curriculum Day pages for fee details.