OSHC Payment


Statements are emailed to the primary account holder each fortnight. Payments are due within one week of statements being generated/sent.


The preferred method of payment is Direct Debit. Families have a choice of fortnightly or monthly payments, the day of the fortnight/month the payment is taken, and can select if payments come from a credit card or a bank account. The direct debit system only takes the amount owing on the account. Direct debit fees are absorbed by the OSHC program, however a $19.95 dishonour fee is charged to families if a payment bounces.


Payments can also be made via Eftpos or cash at the OSHC office. We cannot accept Eftpos payments in the last two days of each school term due to banking timelines.

Rebooking Week

In the second last week of each term families are required to settle their account and notify the service of any changes to their bookings for the following term. Statements sent out at the beginning of Rebooking Week include all attendances to the end of the term.


Accounts that are not settled before the end of term will result in bookings being suspended until the account is paid in full. Accounts that are settled before the end of term will have bookings rolled over into the following term/year.

Outstanding Accounts

Accounts are considered overdue one week after Statements have been generated/sent and a reminder email is sent at this time; if your account remains unpaid, your next Statement will contain a further reminder message.
Three weeks after your initial statement, if your account remains unpaid, a further email reminder is sent out and a hard copy of your Statement is posted to your home address. This will often be followed up with a phone call from  an OSHC Coordinator.

If your account remains unpaid four weeks after your initial statement or following Rebooking Week, your enrolment at the service will be suspended and you will be unable to make any further bookings or use our service until your account is paid in full. You will be notified of this via email and hard copy mail. Your permanent booking places will be made available to others on the waiting list.
Enrolments will only be reinstated on receipt of full payment, after which you will be required to re-request any bookings you require using My Family Lounge. Any bookings you request will be subject to availability.

Additional Administrative Charges

For details on administrative charges which might apply to your account, please see this page.


Families are required to register with Centrelink in order to receive Child Care Subsidy.