This page provides a high level overview of information found on our website and may link to other areas of this site.


How Do I register with your service?

Please go to the Enrolment page and click the “Register” button. This will bring you to the My Family Lounge registration page where you should provide your full name and a login email address before clicking the blue ‘Register’ button.


What is the My Family Lounge Web Portal?

The My Family Lounge web portal is your entry point for adding or making any changes to your contacts, children, and bookings at our service; once registered, it can be accessed via our Bookings page. It is not the same as the smartphone app.



Why do I need to enrol my child?

Regulations state that the Approved Provider of an education and care service must ensure that an enrolment record is kept, and that this enrolment record contains specific information.


How do I enrol ?

Please sign in to My Family Lounge in your web browser and complete your family and child details.




In all cases, a booking MUST be made before a child attends the service. Administrative charges apply if a booking has not been made.


Permanent Bookings

What is a Permanent Booking?

A permanent booking is one that repeats on a weekly or fortnightly basis. These bookings are charged at a lower base rate than casual bookings.


How do I make a Permanent Booking?

To make a permanent booking you will first have to make a booking request. Log in to the My Family Lounge web portal and scroll down to the ‘Booking Requests’ section. Please make your request not less than 5 working days before you require a place.


How do I confirm my Permanent Booking(s)?

Log in to the My Family Lounge Web portal and scroll down to the ‘Current Bookings’ section.


How do I make changes to my Permanent Bookings?

Changes to the regular bookings should be made using My Family Lounge Web portal. Please EDIT your existing or most recent similar booking (BSC or ASC) and allow up to 5 working days for your change to take effect.


How do I cancel my Permanent Bookings?

If your child is not going to attend any given session (but you would like to retain your ongoing booking), please mark your child as ‘absent’ using the My Family Lounge smartphone app.
If you would like to completely cancel your existing booking and cease using the service for a time, you should email the service with your request.

Further information on our cancellations policy and timeframes can be found here.


What happens to my bookings at the end of the term/year?

During the second last week of term a "Rebooking Week" is held during which families are expected to settle their account in FULL. Accounts not settled during this week will see their bookings closed off as of the end of that term; all paid accounts will see their bookings roll over into the new term/year.


Casual Bookings

What is a Casual Booking?

A casual booking is one made on an ad-hoc basis and is not ongoing from week to week.


How do I make a Casual Booking?

Casual bookings can be made using the My Family Lounge web portal or your smartphone app. We cannot accept bookings made verbally, over the phone, or via email.


How do I confirm my Casual Booking(s)?

Casual bookings cannot be confirmed via the My Family Lounge web portal but can be checked on the smartphone app.


How do I cancel a Casual Booking?

Casual bookings should be cancelled using the My Family Lounge website or smartphone app.

Further information on our cancellations policy and timeframes can be found here.


What if the calendar shows you are full?

Please see details on what to do here.


Curriculum Days

How do I make a Curriculum Day booking?

Please make a booking on the "BSC / Curriculum Day" roll for the day. Further information can be found here.


Signing In & Out

Why do I need to sign my child in or out?

Signing your child in (mornings) and out (afternoons) allows us to keep accurate records of attendances as well as who dropped off or collected your child


How do I sign my child in or out?

iPads are provided at the OSHC desk and in the “classroom” area for signing your child in or out.


Who can sign my child in or out?

Only people formally authorised by you within your enrolment can sign your child in or out.


What happens if I forget to sign my child in or out?

Regulations* and duty of care dictate that all children may only leave the service if they are given into the care of an authorized person; this handover is formalized when children are signed out from the service on the available iPads.

When children are NOT signed out, they remain officially in our care until 6pm when the service closes.

If you do NOT sign your child out using the iPad then a Supervisor must sign them out to close the service after 6.00pm.
As a result, this will automatically attract a Late Pick Up Charge. This charge will vary dependent on the time that the last child went home, will appear on your statement, and is not eligible for Child Care Subsidy.

This charge can be avoided by ensuring that your child(ren) are signed out on the iPad each afternoon they attend our service. 

*[Education & Care Services National Regulations 99(4), and 158(1c).


What time do you open in the morning ?

Please see our BSC page here.


What time do you close In the afternoon?

Please see our ASC page here.



How and when should I pay my account?

Accounts are payable on receipt of your fortnightly Statement. More details on payments can be found here.


I haven’t received my fortnightly statement.

Please check the “spam” or “junk mail” folders within your email. Even if you have been receiving emails in the past, spam detection algorithms can change and start marking our emails as spam when they haven’t in the past. Please see this page for further information on what you can do.


Child Care Subsidy (CCS)

Why does my fortnightly statement show that I am not receiving subsidy?

Check that you have provided both a child CRN number and a family CRN number on your enrolment. These numbers will differ.
Check that your enrolment is not stalled at “Pending” status within MyGov.

Further information on Childcare Subsidy can be found on our website, here.



Where can I find a list of your service policies?

A list of our current policies can be found on the school website here.

If you do not find an answer to your query in this FAQ or elsewhere on this website, please don’t hesitate to contact us.