Prep Orientation

Prep orientation dates

  • To be scheduled

School Information Handbook for Prep Orientation - Available at orientation


General advice to support your child's start to school

Starting school is a big change and you can help your child by assisting them to become familiar with a range of situations before they begin school such as: -

  • Eating and drinking without help.
  • Opening food containers or unwrapping food and disposing of litter.
  • Unscrewing drink bottle lids.
  • Drinking from different types of taps.
  • Using a handkerchief or tissue.
  • Recognising own clothing and name.
  • Putting on and taking off a jumper.
  • Taking off shoes and socks and doing up buttons and zips.
  • Taking care of own belongings.
  • Saying his/her own name, home address, telephone number.
  • Explaining that they will be attending the school toilet, getting him or her used to flushing the toilet and washing hands when finished. If you have a boy, be sure he knows how to use a boys’ toilet – urinal.
  • Talking about road rules and road safety. Show your child where the school pedestrian crossings are situated, taking the most direct route to and from school.  It is essential they learn to stop and look for cars and not presume the cars will stop for them.
  • Making time to practise walking to and from school, before the school year starts.