OSHC Policies

Out Of School Hours Care policies

The rules needing to be followed in using before-school and after-school care.

Program policies and procedures

The following debt recovery procedure applies.Account is due and payable on the date issuedA reminder is sent when account is 2 weeks in arrearsIf account is not settled within 1 week- phone call to request paymentIf account is not settled within that week- letter from school councilThe child may be excluded from careIf account is not settled within that week- debt handed to debt collectors.

If your circumstances change or you are having financial difficulty please speak with the staff or Principal as soon as possible, so that payment arrangements may be discussed.A late fee of $1.00 per minute after 6pm will be imposed to cover staff costs.Parents must sign children in at the Morning program and out of the Afternnoon program each day- this is a legal requirement and is strictly enforced.To assist with security, parents and carers are required to inform the staff when they drop their children off for the morning program and when they collect them from the afternoon program.Children should be collected by a parent or by those nominated on the enrolment form. If the child is to be collected by somebody else, a letter signed by the parent should be provided, or if this is not possible, a phone call to a staff member prior to collection is essential.There are a variety of community activities (not run by the school), held within school grounds during the week (e.g. piano lessons, karate, guitar lessons, sports lessons, etc). If you wish to enrol your child in an activity while they are attending After School Care, the staff will escort them to and from the activity.For children attending extra-curricular activities within school grounds, a signed letter must be provided.


Your child may be photographed or videotaped during activities while attending the program, or your child's art or other work may be displayed within the building. Photographs, videotape, art or other work will not be published or displayed outside the program unless specific written permission is granted. Information collected on the enrolment form is a legal requirement and necessary for the safety and security of your child. Information is shared with Centrelink and the Family Assistance Office when administering Child Care benefits.


The program may from time to time arrange an outing or excursion for the children. In accordance with the National Standards all excursions and activities outside the program area must be approved by School Council and comply with all relevant legislation and regulations. Parents and carers will be advised of the details in advance and written permission from parents or carers must be obtained before a child is taken on an excursion or activity away from the program area.

Behaviour policy

The program follows the Westgarth Primary School Behaviour Policy (a copy is kept at the school office and by the Coordinators). Within the broad guidelines of Be Fair, Be Safe, Be Friendly the following behaviour rules apply:

Respect the staff, other children and their belongingsNo fightingNo swearing or making rude gesturesLook after the equipmentPack things away after you have finished with them and help to clean upNo lollies or soft drinks. (On special occiasions party food will be provided by the program).

The consequences of unacceptable behaviour are outlined in the Westgarth Out of School Hours Policy. All parents are encouraged to read this document before commencing attendance at the program.

Medical and health procedures

Medical and health and injury procedures are dealt with according to the National Guidelines for Out of School Hours programs.

There is always at least one member of staff on duty with First Aid training.

All significant accidents are recorded in an Accident book, which must be signed by the parent on collection of the child.

Parents will be notified by telephone for any blow to the head or head injury and for any other significant injury or illness.

Parents are asked to give the program the authority to call medical authorities in an emergency.

Parents must provide a signed letter authorising the administration of medication and all medication must be clearly labelled with the child's name, dose, frequency and time. Medication should be handed to the staff at the beginning of each program session (medication is not to be left in schoolbags).

Emergency procedures

The staff will take the following action in the event of an emergency or a serious accident involving the children:

Take immediate necessary action to remove the child from further danger.Attend to the child to the best of their ability and provide appropriate First Aid action.If the situation is deemed to be critical call an ambulance as soon as they possibly can for expert attention and if necessary hospitalisation.Make every effort to contact the parents or other contact persons.A staff member is permitted to travel with the child, if an ambulance trip necessary, to reassure and comfort the child. While desirable this will only be possible if there are enough staff left to care for the remaining children.

It is important that contact details are kept up to date!

Further information is available from the School Principal, the Coordinators, subcommittee members and policy documents.

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