Visual arts/Spanish

Westgarth believes that every child is a successful artist. Students participate in one session each week in a large fully equipped art room located on the Clarke Street site.

Visual arts is delivered in the Spanish language. The program follows the Content and Language Integrated Learning model (CLIL). The focus of such a pedagogical model is to deliver learning outcomes for all students in both Content/Art and Language/Spanish by providing a meaningful context for purposeful language learning.

In Visual arts/Spanish students are exploring the visual arts through the Spanish language. The program provides an enjoyable and stimulating environment in which fine and gross motor skills are enhanced and the development of creativity and individuality are expressed. Using elements such as line, shape, colour, texture and tone students in Years 3-6 are introduced to art appreciation. Along the way, students develop their Spanish language skill by expanding their vocabulary and functional language to enable increasingly sophisticated communication in Spanish. Students’ artwork is displayed in the foyer to be appreciated by the school community. The school holds an biennial Art Show to celebrate and showcase the students’ artwork.

The Visual arts/Spanish program is planned and delivered in close collaboration with the Discovery/Spanish and Music/Spanish programs so that language introduced in one is reinforced, consolidated and expanded in the other.

Spanish blog

Hola! At Westgarth we are learning Español through visual arts, science, the humanities and music. Please click the link to visit our blog. Adiós!